Empowering Third Sector Organisations

Empowering third sector organisations
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Organisations PETT has donated computers to...

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What is a STaRR Pack?

The STaRR Pack is PETT's way of extending a hand to the homeless. Having carried out some research and discussing the contents with an organisation that supports the homeless, the foundations of the pack are:

Sleeping Bag, Torch (wind-up),and Rucksack, Radio (wind-up),

along with other items that will make life a little more comfortable including socks, wet wipes etc.

Click here to read about our first donation of 40 STaRR Packs to Manna House - Hanley

STaRR Pack Testimonial:

Manna House

We were delighted to receive 40 donated STaRR Packs and some of our guests have already felt the benefit of walking away with one of them on their back. Thank you to those who helped to put the packs together. We were amazed at the thought and care that went into the whole exercise.

-Manna House

How can PETT help my organisation?

There are 3 potential ways in which PETT could assist your organisation: a hardware donation, technology funding or training.

Please click on the relevant link below for further information.



Would hardware assist within your organisation? Over 280 desktops and/or laptops have been donation by PETT to over 100 organisations.
Tech Funding

Tech Funding

Would a technology solution assist in the running of the organisation? PETT have assisted a Sensory Centre by assisting with an appointment booking system.


Is there an identified training need within the organisation? PETT have provided Office 365 training to staff members of a local training partnership. Digital Marketing training soon to be announced.