Empowering Third Sector Organisations

Annan Harbour Action Group receives a PETT donation of a desktop computer. 

Annan Harbour Action Group is a community orientated charity registered.

The group aims to:

- To develop Annan harbour and the surrounding area as a community asset; promote water-based and shore-based activities linked to the maritime environment and acquire and regenerate historic buildings and land bringing these into purposeful use for the benefit of all.

- To work with the community to promote the harbour and Annan as a hub for performance, events, and festivals which celebrate, and make the public aware of, the maritime heritage, history and natural environment.

- To improve the infrastructure and facilities of the harbour and surrounding area with the aim of promoting public participation in sport and recreational activities such as boating, rowing, sailing, other water based activities and sports, cycling, nature tourism and walking.

- To promote and/or provide training in traditional skills especially in building coastal rowing boats to ensure that the heritage of these crafts is maintained and passed on to the next generation. 

The donation will be used to replace an old, no longer functioning, computer and will allow the volunteer secretary and treasurer computer access in the office premises where they frequently meet to help plan events and work on budgets/funding arrangements for the charity.

Visit Annan Harbour Action Group's website for more information