Empowering Third Sector Organisations

STARS Rescue receives a PETT donation of a laptop.

STARS Rescue is a breed specific Siberian Husky rescue set up to combat the ever-increasing number of dogs that are being relinquished or dumped within pounds across the United Kingdom.

The name simply stands for: Siberian Transformation, Appeal, Rescue & Support.

It is believed, that the increasing number of huskies finding their way into rescue is a direct result of high profile television series/films including Game of Thrones, Twilight etc.

Unfortunately, the typical piercing blue eyes, and the soft, furry looking coats attract the people; without sufficient research into the traits and characteristics of the breed.

Many dogs that come through rescue will have various issues.  This can be from something as simple as toilet training requirements, to severe separation anxiety or food aggression.  Each dog, prior to coming into the care of STARS, will be assessed to rate the suitability for being rehomed.

From personal experience, STARS staff have helped dogs that have suffered severe separation anxiety, food aggression, being abused, those from bad breeding lines etc. which all now live happily as family members within our homes.

The donation will be used to help maintain a constant social media presence, to make posters to push urgent at risk dogs for homes and to assist with corresponding via email with anyone needing urgent help with a husky they own but are having problems with.

For more information please click here http://www.starsrescue.co.uk/